Thank you to the Olympic Volunteers from Network Rail!

Thank you to the Olympic Volunteers from Network Rail!

Here at Chocolate Fountain Hire, we were very excited to be asked to provide a chocolate fountain at three very special events. The events were to thank the Olympic Volunteers who so ably directed visitors around the train network to get to the Olympic events. When Network Rail were first tasked with the job of getting the visitors around the various sites and stadiums for the 14 days of the games, their motto was ‘sport not transport’ basically saying they wanted newspaper headlines to be about the excellent sporting achievements and not transport problems. They succeeded! The plan for the evening was for the guests to arrive at between 5pm and 5.30pm and to chat, have drinks and canapés. Then the highlight of the evening and introduction by the brilliant Alex Broker, who was also a presenter of the Channel 4’s The Last Leg. He did a question and answer session with an Olympian athlete and Had the audience rolling around with laughter!!! One the first night we had Laura Trott who won 2 gold medals.

Both Mat and Louise queued up to get pictures! The medals are surprising large and heavy! On the second evening we had Jody Cundy, the Para Olympian infamously disqualified 1km time trial, but still proudly displaying his bronze, and on the third evening we saw Louis Smith and his silver medal from the men’s pommel horse final. It was a great three days and the chocolate was enjoyed very much by all of the guests. A roaming photographer captured moments for the audience  to treasure! This was one of the occasions though when the chocolate fountain team was honored to be part of something as fantastic as the Olympic Games.


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Chocolate Fountain was a sweet success at Warwick NHF Conference

Chocolate Fountain was a sweet success at Warwick NHF Conference

Recently the team from chocolate fountain hire spend a couple of days in Warwick providing our large chocolate fountain on a trade stand at the Housing Finance Conference and Exhibition which is held in the grounds of the University of Warwick.This was our second time at the Exhibition so we new exactly what to expect!  The  first day was  13 hours but the time soon passes with lots of interesting visitors to the chocolate fountain, and of course our hosts from this housing were incredibly friendly and  were very welcoming  to us. The sole purpose of the chocolate fountain was to encourage delegates  to stop, eat and have an informal chat before  moving  onto the next exhibitor. It worked really well, in particular strawberries, marshmallows and doughnuts were  in huge demand, even the Fudge was very popular. Even Apes loved the chocolate fountain! As our stand was one of the few with a good intensive for delegates to stop we were steadily busy. Day 2 was a little shorter in duration and it was soon time to pack up and go home along with all of the exhibitors and delegates. All in all a really good event with great company hope we will be back next year!!!!


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Team building in Sunningdale

Team building in Sunningdale

Here at chocolate fountain hire we are lucky to have regular customers, and one of our favourite venues is Sunningdale Park in Ascot. They have a dedicated business centre called The Evelyn Sharpe centre where companies send staff members for week long conferences, training sessions and team building. We are often asked to provide a chocolate fountain for the afternoon tea break, to give the delegates some much needed oomph! We set up in the break out area of the centre, where the tea, coffee and soft drinks are, and quickly put together the chocolate fountain, and arranged the dips. Straight away we had hungry delegates coming over to ooo and ahhh over the range of dips and the delicious chocolate. We fed about 150 people in about 45 minutes with strawberries, pineapple, chocolate brownies and profiteroles, whilst they drank coffee and chatted with their colleagues. It really is a lovely booking, the staff are all friendly and helpful and the delegates are always so happy to see us!


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Christmas Party in January!

Christmas Party in January

The Chocolate Fountain Hire Team where off to Kettering to provide a Chocolate Fountain for a Christmas party for a company that were too busy before Christmas to celebrate! The company, Sealed Air, make packaging, and what do we all need to pack our Christmas presents, packaging! The party was superbly organised by es promotions at  the Kettering Conference centre and it was beautifully decorated with a Christmas theme complete with tree and presents! On arrival we were greeted by jesters and jugglers, and the room was full of fun and games and  even a Christmas tree shaped vodka luge  for the lucky party goers!
After the guests had finished eating their Christmas turkey dinner, they started mingling around and taking turns on the rodeo reindeer, cash grabber, wheel of fortune, grand national game and the casino tables. They also began to use the chocolate fountain,  with the warm milk chocolate with strawberries, profiteroles and chocolate brownies, mmmmmmm. When we left the temperature outside was -4 but inside the party was hotting up!

Tropical theme to christmas party at Kew

Tropical theme to Christmas party at Kew

Friday the 9th of December took the chocolate fountain team to a fantastic venue in Kew, where we provided not only our amazing  chocolate fountain but also a stunning fruit palm tree, displaying over 500 pieces of fresh fruit freshly prepared and deliciously arranged around the whole tree trunk! The guests celebrated their company Christmas party congregating in London from all over the country. They enjoyed many items such as marshmallows, Turkish Delight and chocolate brownies as well as the fresh kiwi melon and satsumas from the tree all dipped into the luxurious Belgian chocolate! Savoury items were also served,including festive turkey skewers and salmon blinis but none as popular as our strawberries!! As the night drew on and the 350 guests partied on it was time for us to pack up and head home!


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Strawberries and Chocolate at the Barclays ATP Tennis Tournement

Strawberries and Chocolate at the Barclays ATP Tennis Tournament

Here at the chocolate fountain hire team, we were very excited to be asked to provide a fountain in the Barclays Premier Lounge in the O2 arena for the duration of the ATP tennis Tournament! We of course jumped at the chance to go to the 02 arena.  The ATP tennis is sponsored by Barclays who have a permanent lounge area in the O2 entertainment avenue and they had invited their premier customers to come and have a coffee or Winter Pimms, listen to Andrew Castle comment on the days tennis and eat delicious chocolate! We were to do two sessions a day, 11am to 2pm, the 5pm to 8pm. The idea was that at Wimbledon one ate strawberries and cream, and drank Pimms, so at the ATP one ate strawberries and chocolate and drank warm Winter Pimms, clever aa ? It was a huge success, with customers coming back twice in a day to sample our delicious chocolate fondue, with fresh strawberries.


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X Box Launch in below zero Ice Bar in London

X Box Launch in below zero Ice Bar in London

Chocolate Fountain Hire were asked to provide a chocolate fountain in London’s below zero Ice Bar for for X Box Kinect Sports Season 2. We of course were happy to oblige, and we headed  up to London to do this. It was a fab setting, with real Husky dogs to greet the guests, and great decorations of skis, tv pictures of log burning fires. We set up in the downstairs area in an alcove, and it looked great. The lucky guests were treated to a bespoke cocktail called ‘Kinect Sports Superstar’ which consisted of vodka, Cointreau, blackberry liqueur, fresh lime and fresh blackberries all served over ice, delicious! And it went very well with the warm velvety chocolate! The guests had canapés and ‘bowl food’ and the chocolate fountain was pudding for them. We were very busy, with people popping into the room for a game on the X Box and a chocolate coated profiterole !


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Chocolate Fountain for Thompson Event

Chocolate Fountain for Thompson Event at East Midlands Airport

Recently chocolate fountain hire were called upon to provide a chocolate fountain for a cruise and long haul holiday event which took place at the thistle hotel at east midlands airport near derby. We arrived and set up the chocolate fountains in one of the rooms alongside various tables offering information an a vast array of holidays. The chocolate fountain was booked as a treat for the invited guest to have while discussing various holiday options with the travel advisers. The chocolate fountain was very popular amongst the visitors swell as the travel advisers throughout the event.


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Chocolate fountain hire for conference at Alton Towers

Chocolate Fountain Hire for Conference at Alton Towers

Recently chocolate fountain took a trip to Alton Towers, not test ourselves on such as the log flume, corkscrew or even  the new thrill seeking rides but to provide a chocolate fountain for a  conference held within the grounds of Alton Towers. We set up quickly and illuminated our surround in a bright green colour.

Chocolate fountains are regularly used at such events where delegates attend a series of meetings and during the break periods visit the chocolate fountain to stock up on nourishing items such as fresh British strawberries, fluffy pink and white marshmallows and other luxury dipping items. When placed on a bamboo skewer and covered in Belgium milk chocolate it’s easy to see the attraction. With delegates in and out of meeting and briefings during the day there was a steady use of the chocolate fountain with lots of chocolate to go round!


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New Financial Year Chocolate Fountain Party

Seeing in the new financial year with a bang, were Town and City Pubs Limited. A night with singers, shots, food and lots of chocolate. Chocolate Fountain Hire provided a display of milk and white chocolate fountains to entertain staff as they partied the night away. In a city centre bar, the chocolate fountains took pride of place and was the source of much revelry!

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