Chocolate Fountain hire at Chichester Golf Club

Chocolate Fountain hire at Chichester Golf Club

The Chocolate Fountain Hire Team went in many different directions on this Bank holiday weekend, but I went to Chichester Golf Club and the wedding of Becky and Andy. It was a lovely place, nice and quiet and rural!

Great Dips

The bride and groom had a ordered the usual selection of dips, with one exception, chillies! So the team gave them chillies! We had one bowl of large mixed green and red chillies and one bowl of birds eye chillies (hot hot hot!!) The brides father got stuck into eating the large ones, and very soon the chaps were eating the small ones, followed up with marshmallows to try and calm their mouths down!! Good fun had by the watchers! The rest of the guests got stuck into the more tradition cookies, fresh juicy strawberries, plump fluffy marshmallows and exotic sliced kiwi covered in warm chocolate and really enjoyed it!

Wedding Chocolate Fountain

We illuminated our fountain display to match the wedding colour themes, we can light the fountain up in lots of different colours and we can even change the colour at the event so if you change your mind we can too! We display the dips in elegant china all around the illuminated surround and we keep them topped up with fresh delicious dipping items throughout your hire period! This means that your first guest should have the same range of choices as the last! And of course we make sure the chocolate remains topped up throughout the night too and flowing in perfect chocolate curtains! A stunning and utterly delicious sight to behold!

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Wellingborough Chocolate Fountain

Wellingborough Chocolate Fountain.

In September the teams were everywhere! On Saturday 10th September we provided Wellingborough Chocolate Fountain Hire. The chocolate fountain was part of the evening dessert option for a beautiful September wedding. The venue in Wellingborough was the Irthlinborough Band Club.

Set up!

We arrived just as the speeches were finishing. We set up during the change over between the main meal and the start of the evening party and before long the scent of melted Belgian chocolate was drifting down the corridors. We illuminated our stunning display in an Emerald Green to match the lovely colour scheme and table decorations. Around the display we placed our classic china bowls all filled with yummy dipping items!

Unlimited Dips!

As part of our package we offer an unlimited variety of dipping items. This means that you are free to chose from our list of around 20, yes 20! different dipping options! You may have as many of these as you would like! A mix of all or just a few of your favourites! The bride chose a delicious mix. All ready to be dipped in that scummy chocolate! Freshly sliced strawberries, tangy pineapple, cream filled profiteroles and pink and white fluffy marshmallows to name but a few!

Party Time!

We started the chocolate and the children particularly were thrilled with the “chocolate waterfall”. They rushed over with Mums and Dads in tow! Everyone tucked in and were not disappointed! Our standard hire time is 3 hours but we can extend or reduce this to fit into your own personal event.  The favourite dips of the night were definitely the yummy vanilla fudge and our caramel and coconut bites! The groom enjoyed more than just a few of these!! Even the bride careful got involved! With plenty of napkins on hand to protect her dress she munched through some heavenly strawberries!!

Before long it was time to pack away and leave the party still going strong!


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Sweet treats at Buddy’s Ball in Southampton

Sweet treats at Buddy’s Ball in Southampton

An old friend of ours called us about 4 months ago to tell us about his new baby son Joseph, also known as Buddy (his due date was x-mas eve and his nickname was Buddy the Elf’ after the film) Lewis’s son had been born with Congenital Myasthenic Syndrone which resulted in a lot of hospital visits and plenty of long stays as well. Lewis and his wife Donna decided to hold a fundraising ball to raise funds to update and revitalise the playroom with a sensory area , a play area and a quiet area for the young adults. We at Chocolate a Fountain Hire jumped at the chance to help an old friend out, and for such a worthy cause! We decided to offer our Photo Booth, chocolate fountain, popcorn and candy floss.

The theme of the Ball was ‘circus’ and The room at The MacDonald Botley Park Hotel was decorated beautifully with balloons and trick mirrors and a box of props on the table including hats, wigs big glasses and red clown noses! After the guests had eaten their delicious dinner and bided on the auction prizes, it was time to dance, and enjoy the goodies we provided. The photo booth was busy right from the start with guests having funny pictures taken.

The chocolate fountain was very popular, and the party goers were soon finding their appetites again for the chocolate coated delights, and the beautiful candy floss and the wonderful smelling popcorn. At the end of the Ball , Lewis and Donna were thrilled with how it had all gone, and were delighted to discover they had made over £14000.00 ! A wonderful wonderful evening for all.

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LVS Celebrate The Queens Jubilee The Chocolate Way

LVS Celebrate The Queens Jubilee The Chocolate Way.

Here at the the chocolate fountain hire team we love a good party, and what could be better than a ‘street’ party!  LVS Junior School were getting into the spirit of The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations by having a street party on their playing fields, followed by chocolate fountain for pudding! It was great! The children were all dressed in mufti and some had flags and union jack hats, and union jack tee-shirts and even face paints! They all looked wonderfully patriotic!

The children all sat in rows of chairs on long tables eating triangle sandwiches with the crusts cut off and drinking pop, then it was time for the main event, the chocolate! We set up two chocolate fountains in the schools hall, a little apart from each other, and decorated the table with bunting. The children were allowed in by the classroom  and they helped themselves to one goodie on a stick, dunked it in the warm chocolate, then took it outside to eat.

The sugar coated donuts were particularly good today, and they were the most popular item, followed closely by scrummy chocolate brownies. The luscious fresh strawberries, pineapple and grapes were only eaten by the grown ups!  After every child had had about 3 or 4 or maybe 5 dips each, and were all smothered in Chocolate on hands, faces and clothes, the Head Teacher said that was enough and the children went back out to play and enjoy the sun. The Chocolate Fountain Team really enjoyed getting into the spirit of the long weekend, bring on the Bank Holidays. We were really impressed with the good behaviour from the children and such a well organised day for everyone!


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Wedding Chocolate Fountain Hire in Gosport

Wedding Chocolate Fountain Hire in Gosport.

This evening the chocolate fountain hire team took the road to Gosport to the wedding of Kathleen and Daniel. The party was taking place in a hall that had been beautifully decorated with balloons, flowers and Rose petals in ivory and cream. I set up in the corner with a huge selection of dips chosen by the brides mum Bridget who had booked the Chocolate Fountain.
The lucky guests tucked into pink mini donuts, beautiful little British strawberries, fresh pineapple, cream filled profiteroles, chocolate brownies with chocolate chips and lots more!! Our chocolate fountain hire package is pretty special as we offer an unlimited selection of dipping items. This means that you can chose as many different types as you would like, whether this is one a two of your favourites or a selection of all of them!
After the bride and groom had their photograph taken at the Fountain, kids and adults came to sample the warm Belgium chocolate, delicious!! Belgian Milk Chocolate  is our most popular choice and the scent of delicious milk chocolate is just heavenly! We ran the fountain for our normal 3 hour hire and everyone loved tucking in!!
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Chocolate Fountain as sweet treat for Waitrose staff

Chocolate Fountain as sweet treat for Waitrose staff

Normally the Waitrose group celebrates their annual party in September but due to a massive refurbishment they decided to postpone the event until January. So we travelled to the impressive Guildhall in Salisbury’s Market Place to provide our spectacular 5 tier large milk chocolate fountain. We set up before the guests arrived alongside a photo booth, fully stocked bar and DJ. As the guests came through they were met with the delicious smell of melted chocolate!

The tucked into a delicious buffet before digging into the chocolaty treat! With fresh strawberries, cream filled profiteroles and tasty brownies all drenched in melted Belgian Chocolate the guests were in heaven! As the night drew on everyone enjoyed dancing to the best cheesy classics so we discreetly packed away leaving them to enjoy the night!   If you are interested in chocolate fountain hire click here for more information.


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Chocolate and Fruit at Wembley wedding

Chocolate and Fruit at Wembley wedding

Earlier in June the chocolate fountain team travelled to Wembley to the Advait Centre (Sattavis Patidar Centre) to provide a chocolate fountain and not one but two of our stunning medium fruit palm trees at the celebration of the wedding of Shezada to Faiza. The hall was beautifully decorated in pinks and purple with lights and crystals everywhere, the tables had a single vase with purple floating candles flickering prettily.

The groom arrived in a procession and the guests enjoyed fruit juices while toasting the families and the tradition of marriage. They then sat down to eat a vast feast and excitedly tucked into the delicious fresh fruit from the trees and the tasty treats dipped into the luxurious Belgian chocolate. As the evening grew on it was time for another stunning procession as the bride and groom made their proud first entrance and were applauded as they floated through the great hall, filled to bursting with family and friends. There were more pictures to be taken and the cake to be cut but sadly it was time to depart and leaving the scent of melted Belgian chocolate in the air we left the happy couple beaming!!


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Sussex wedding gets Chocolate Fountain Treat


Sussex wedding gets Chocolate Fountain Treat

On a sunny day in  October the Chocolate Fountain Hire Team travelled to Sussex to the picturesque village of Faygate, nestled in the middle of the woodlands is a stunning village hall and was the venue for the wedding we provided our large 5 tier chocolate fountain at.

We set up the fountain in the bar area opposite where the delicious smelling hog roast was being prepared. The fountain stands around 7 foot tall on top of a table and we illuminated our surround in a soft purple colour to match the shabby chic decorations in the room. We can light this up in many different colours to perfectly compliment your colour theme.

As the milk chocolate started to flow a small gathering of children crowded round eager to have a taste! We supplied a tasty mix of dipping items including mini donuts, chocolate brownie, yummy marshmallows and fresh delicious strawberries!


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All aboard in Portsmouth for Warrior Ball

All aboard in Portsmouth for Warrior Ball

On a sunny spring Saturday in April the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to Portsmouth Naval Base to provide our decadent chocolate fountain and retro candy floss machine on the HMS Warrior for a Nautical Themed Charity Ball.

After an interesting  set up on the lower decks of the historic warship we were ready to go! We protected the floors around both areas with special floor coverings and waited patiently for the guests to finish their dinners! As soon as they were allowed through they rushed with anticipation for a taste of the heavenly melted Belgian milk chocolate, drenched richly over our display of over 15 different varieties of dipping items including marshmallows, cream filled profiteroles and of course freshly sliced strawberries!

Across the deck from the fountain the candy floss machine was displayed and to fit in with the nautical theme we alternated red and blue coloured candy floss throughout the night! With a blue raspberry flavour and cherry flavour the guests were thrilled with the display and tastes that sent them reeling back to their childhoods!

With a free bar and many other exciting treats for the guests they enjoyed the use of the ship until midnight when they headed home with full tummies and sore heads!


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Chocolate fountain hire meets Alice in Wonderland

Chocolate fountain hire meets Alice in Wonderland

Recently the chocolate fountain hire team traveled the short distance to Willis Hall in  Bristol  to help the first year students celebrate their spring ball. With an Alice in Wonderland Theme we were asked to provide our stunning 5 tier chocolate fountain with PINK chocolate! We use only the finest white chocolate coloured pink! Through the winding hallways signposted with traditional confusing signs guests were treated to a photo booth, teacups and of course our decadent treats!

The chocolate fountain  placed in a heart themed room and even some of the guests were dressed up, with a queen of hearts, a white rabbit and a few sets of tweedle dum and tweedle dees! They all enjoyed tucking into the variety of dipping items, we offer a vast range of dips and you are free to choose as many options as you would like!   With plump, fluffy pink and white marshmallows and  fresh juicy strawberries being the most popular they looked amazing drenched in delicious pink chocolate!

We left the guests to dance the night away and burn off some of the calories enjoyed!!


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