Chocolate Fountain hire at Chichester Golf Club

Chocolate Fountain hire at Chichester Golf Club

The Chocolate Fountain Hire Team went in many different directions on this Bank holiday weekend, but I went to Chichester Golf Club and the wedding of Becky and Andy. It was a lovely place, nice and quiet and rural!

Great Dips

The bride and groom had a ordered the usual selection of dips, with one exception, chillies! So the team gave them chillies! We had one bowl of large mixed green and red chillies and one bowl of birds eye chillies (hot hot hot!!) The brides father got stuck into eating the large ones, and very soon the chaps were eating the small ones, followed up with marshmallows to try and calm their mouths down!! Good fun had by the watchers! The rest of the guests got stuck into the more tradition cookies, fresh juicy strawberries, plump fluffy marshmallows and exotic sliced kiwi covered in warm chocolate and really enjoyed it!

Wedding Chocolate Fountain

We illuminated our fountain display to match the wedding colour themes, we can light the fountain up in lots of different colours and we can even change the colour at the event so if you change your mind we can too! We display the dips in elegant china all around the illuminated surround and we keep them topped up with fresh delicious dipping items throughout your hire period! This means that your first guest should have the same range of choices as the last! And of course we make sure the chocolate remains topped up throughout the night too and flowing in perfect chocolate curtains! A stunning and utterly delicious sight to behold!

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LVS Celebrate The Queens Jubilee The Chocolate Way

LVS Celebrate The Queens Jubilee The Chocolate Way.

Here at the the chocolate fountain hire team we love a good party, and what could be better than a ‘street’ party!  LVS Junior School were getting into the spirit of The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations by having a street party on their playing fields, followed by chocolate fountain for pudding! It was great! The children were all dressed in mufti and some had flags and union jack hats, and union jack tee-shirts and even face paints! They all looked wonderfully patriotic!

The children all sat in rows of chairs on long tables eating triangle sandwiches with the crusts cut off and drinking pop, then it was time for the main event, the chocolate! We set up two chocolate fountains in the schools hall, a little apart from each other, and decorated the table with bunting. The children were allowed in by the classroom  and they helped themselves to one goodie on a stick, dunked it in the warm chocolate, then took it outside to eat.

The sugar coated donuts were particularly good today, and they were the most popular item, followed closely by scrummy chocolate brownies. The luscious fresh strawberries, pineapple and grapes were only eaten by the grown ups!  After every child had had about 3 or 4 or maybe 5 dips each, and were all smothered in Chocolate on hands, faces and clothes, the Head Teacher said that was enough and the children went back out to play and enjoy the sun. The Chocolate Fountain Team really enjoyed getting into the spirit of the long weekend, bring on the Bank Holidays. We were really impressed with the good behaviour from the children and such a well organised day for everyone!


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Surprises for guests at Andover Wedding

Surprises for guests at Andover Wedding

At chocolate fountain hire we  love nothing more than  providing fruit palm trees as a healthy addition to chocolate fountain hire, and at a recent wedding this is exactly what we did. We arrived at HQLF in Andover  and set up out large chocolate fountain as well as a large fruit palm tree. We were hidden away in a  special room as a surprise for the wedding guests, also the guests were treated  to a vodka  luge and scalectrix racing. The  fruit palm tree is a real work of art with fruit such a pineapple, melon, clementines kiwi fruit and strawberries spiralling around the trunk to create the wow factor for guests.

As soon as the bride and groom had “tested” the chocolate fountain the rest of the wedding  guests  started to get stuck in! A few  guest needed prompting to use the fruit palm tree as it does look like its there for show however  the fruit was  soon stripped – we love healthy guests!!! We provided a selection of dips including cream profiteroles, strawberries, marshmallow, jelly babies and  many more! With so many dips some guests didn’t know where to begin. With the end of the evening we packed up the chocolate fountain and  left Andover and headed home  leaving  behind lots of guests satisfied with their fill of chocolate and  of course fruit.


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Gangsters off the Hook with Chocolate Fountain

Gangsters off the Hook with Chocolate Fountain

On Saturday the Chocolate Fountain Hire team travelled the short distance up the M3 to Basingstoke to provide our large luxury chocolate fountain at the celebration for the end of term for The Rotary Club President. The members were imaginatively dressed up in a “Gangsters” Theme, with tommy guns and water pistols. They were treated to the smooth sounds of Graeme Hewitt and The High Society Jazz Band.  After arrival drinks of champagne the guests took their seats, while New Horizon Catering finished carving the delicious Hog Roast of Pork and Lamb!

After the meat, salad and fresh bread had been demolished, the guests were then treated to the decadent delights of our 5 tier Belgian Milk chocolate fountain. They enjoyed fresh British strawberries, crunchy gingerbread and succulent melons all drenched in rich melted chocolate. All of our party hire packages come with an unlimited variety of dipping items, we have a list of around 20 and you may chose as many as you would like!


As the night drew on we left the guests enjoying the amazing live band and packed up to head home.


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Wedding Chocolate Fountain Is a big hit in Portsmouth

Wedding Chocolate Fountain Is a big hit in Portsmouth

Another busy weekend in the world of chocolate fountain hire saw us heading allover the countryside. One such booking took place  in the historic naval City of Portsmouth. Diane and Lee’s wedding reception took place in the Inn Lodge Hotel which is situated on the outskirts of Portsmouth. We arrived and set up the chocolate fountain to be ready in time for the guest to have their main meal, the room was beautifully decorated in pink and white and we colour coordinated the illuminated base accordingly. A lot of the wedding guests were keen to finish their meal and start using the chocolate fountain! After the bride had her first dip on the chocolate fountain the guests needed no encouragement to dip from the chocolate fountain. The bride had chosen a selection of dips including strawberries, grapes doughnuts and  meringues. It was great to see so many guests making use of the chocolate fountain! Eventually it was time to pack up the chocolate fountain and  leave the wedding guests in Portsmouth to enjoy the rest of their evening.


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Sweet 40th Birthday Party in Salisbury

Sweet 40th Birthday Party in Salisbury

Last weekend chocolate fountain hire made the short trip to the historic city of Salisbury. It was Mandys 40th Birthday party which took place in the Stockmans Lounge at Salisbury. We arrived and set up the Chocolate Fountain so that it was ready in time for the start of the party. A delicious buffet was also being set up for the guests to enjoy prior to tasting the Chocolate fountain! The birthday girl was on of the first to sample the Chocolate Fountain, and  soon afterwards the fountain was surrounded by guests eager to enjoy all of the dipping items covered in chocolate. With the DJ playing some  great tunes the  guests  had a  great evening dancing away. In what seemed like no time at all it was time to pack up the chocolate fountain and head home and  leave the guests to enjoy the remainder of the party.


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Mrs and Mrs Aukolls go Dozzy Doe!

Mrs and Mrs Aukolls go Dozzy Doe

In a recent event Chocolate Fountain Hire went to Winchester University for the wedding of Christine Aukett and Laura Nicolls. The reception was held in the nightclub called The Vault that was in the grounds of Winchester university, and it was a great venue! When we arrived it was decorated with balloons and ‘just married’ banners. We quickly set up the chocolate fountains. The brides had asked us to bring all of the dips! We we also supplying a small fountain with dark Chocolate. After the guests had tucked into a hog roast and salad, they turned their attention to us! Strawberries, profiteroles, mango and marshmallows were swiftly consumed covered in smooth creamy warm milk Chocolate or the richer dark chocolate. A barn dance was the order of the evening and it was amusing to watch the guests trying to dozzy doe and grapevine whilst full of pig, chocolate and champagne!  We packed away the chocolate fountains and left the party  in full swing.


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Tripple chocolate to see in the new year

Tripple chocolate to see in the new year

New Year’s Eve and the Chocolate Fountain Hire Team travelled to the picturesque village of New Milton in the New Forest for a party to see in 2012! A beautiful marquee was the setting for an amazing party. The guests were treated to a fantastic meal of Salmon or Steak with an amazing assortment of freshly prepared roasted vegetables and rice dishes. Our stunning 5 tier chocolate fountain was the dessert for this occasion and was filled with luxurious Belgian White chocolate and was complimented by 2 smaller chocolate fountains, one with milk chocolate and the other with dark chocolate.  The guests enjoyed a huge variety of  dips including gingerbread , profiteroles and the favourite of all our fresh strawberries, the hardest choice though was which type of chocolate to dip them into!!

There was a joint celebration as one of the guests had their birthday that day and his main choice of celebration for his 72nd birthday was to indulge in the 2012 shaped vodka ice luge.  The live band played throughout the evening and the guests danced their way into 2012 with champagne and good friends!


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Tripple fountain Fun Staff christmas Party

Tripple fountain Fun Staff christmas Party

At Chocolate Fountain Hire we love nothing more than being invited back to provide chocolatle fountains for previous customers.We were very pleased to be asked back to Alfa Laval to provide Chocolate Fountains and a fruit palm tree for their annual Christmas party held in their offices. We were asked to do something different this year, so we provided three small chocolate fountains, a medium fruit palm tree and a candy floss machine! The chocolate fountains were milk, white and a red one! We make the red fountain by adding organic natural food colouring to white chocolate, and it goes as red as we like! We arranged the chocolate fountains in the middle of a table and wrapped festive red organza around them all, and dotted the dips in their white china bowls around them. The fruit palm tree was covered with fresh melon, Satsuma’s, pineapple, strawberries, kiwi fruit and grapes, it looks delicious. The chocolate fountains were very well used with guests enjoying cream filled profiteroles; mini sugared donuts, marshmallows, fudge, jelly babies, pink wafers and lots more! The candy floss was a HUGE success, with guests queuing up for baby pink candy floss on a stick, and it smelt delicious! The whole Christmas party was lots of fun, and the employees of Alfa Laval went back to work in the afternoon full of fresh fruit, red chocolate and candy floss!!


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Chocolate Fountain for Darren and Beth

Chocolate Fountain for Darren and Beth’s pre christmas wedding

Recently the chocolate fountain team travelled to Bartley Lodge in Cadnam Near Southampton to help celebrate the wedding of Beth to Darren! The guests arrived to the aromatic scent of melted Belgian chocolate, despite having a  wonderful wedding feast they found room to enjoy the chocolate fountain with a huge variety of dips including meringues, melon, coconut bites and strawberries.

A group of younger guests made full use of the fountain devouring mountains of marshmallows and bowls of bananas, two of the youngest guests particularly enjoyed sneaking away from their parents for extra portions of chocolate brownies and donuts! As we were packing up to leave Cadnam the guests boogied on into the night!


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