Commercial Chocolate Fountains

Commercial chocolate fountains

Looking to buy a commercial chocolate fountain? Heard about the opportunities for a chocolate fountain business in your local area? Find out more about Chocolate Fountain and where to buy chocolate fountains. We have extensive experience of using several leading manufacturers of commercial chocolate fountains. These include Sephra, Giles & Posner as well as Buffet Enhancements.

What is a commercial chocolate fountain?

The difference between a commercial chocolate fountain and a shop bought fountain is, firstly, the quality of manufacture. Chocolate fountains built for trade are larger, more reliable when operating regularly and come with a warrantee to cover for any repairs required. If you are looking to commence a chocolate fountain business, you need to decide on which brand you suits you best.

A Sephra chocolate fountain has the ability to cater for large events as chocolate is easily melted in the basin. The style of these fountains is aesthetically pleasing and relatively easy to transport. A Giles and Posner chocolate fountain is a heavier, sturdier machine which is British made. Buffet Enhancements, an American brand, function effectively, although do not have the removable bowl feature.

Profit from a chocolate fountain business

Whether as a part time venture, or as new career in catering, a chocolate fountain business can be highly profitable. The industry is rewarding and enjoyable. See Chocolate Fountain Sales UK for opportunities across the UK – both equipment sales and full business set-up packages.

What to do next?

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