Chocolate Fountain Sales UK

Why consider Chocolate Fountain for a chocolate fountain to buy?

We have a wealth of experience using several leading manufacturers of chocolate fountains and are more than happy to share this knowledge. When you find a chocolate fountain for sale, there are several important considerations for your purchase.

  • The age of the fountain. New or used, that is the question? The benefits of a new chocolate fountain include the warranty provided by the manufacturer, removing the concerns about any technical problems. Second hand chocolate fountains are often a cost effective option for those on a tight budget.
  • Intended use of the chocolate fountain. If you have aspirations of a fully booked diary, 2 events per weekend, 50 weeks of the year, you may need to consider a machine which will stand up to intense usage. For static purposes, the Giles and Posner chocolate fountain models work effectively.
  • Chocolate fountain instructions. Instructions for use can vary and it is best to speak to an experienced operator as opposed to a sales representative. Practical experience with a particular machine is important to convey the varying tips for effective operation. Of course, you must consult and adhere to manufacturer guidelines. Sound advice is crucial when starting out as you soon may be attending the most important day of someone’s life – their wedding! Do not undervalue the significance of preparation in running a successful chocolate fountain business.
  • The price of the chocolate fountain. Consider your budget and what you are prepared to spend for a chocolate fountain. Prices can vary enormously, bargains can be found on the internet and through companies selling off second hand stock. Reputed companies routinely sell new chocolate fountains along with a warrantee.

What can Chocolate Fountain offer?

Chocolate Fountain offers both new and second hand chocolate fountains, as stand alone units or as part of a chocolate fountain business package. We offer chocolate fountain sales with our experience and practical know-how.  Chocolate Fountain offer not only equipment and basic training, but education about effective marketing of your services. This information is crucial to a successful chocolate fountain business.

What to do next?

Contact Chocolate Fountain for information about setting up a chocolate fountain business or purchasing a commercial chocolate fountain.

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