Chocolate Fondue Fountain Hire

chocolate fondue fountainChocolate Fondue Fountain Hire.Made easy by Chocolate Fountain

What is a chocolate fondue fountain.

Chocolate fondue fountain hire is the ultimate centre piece for any event.It’s is an very popular service for most events.Think of a What is a chocolate fondue fountain.cascading chocolate display.Endless with no break in delicious luxury Belgian chocolate.Don’t pinch yourself, you are not dreaming.A chocolate fondue fountain creates a centrepiece in a room.

Also making guests feel compelled to investigate the aroma that fills their nostrils.The fountain, standing tall, encourages guests to peer into the basin of warmed chocolate.The chocolate from the basin is pumped to the top of the fondue fountain and flows constantly until temporary disruption with a dip from a dipper.

The fondue aspect to the fountain comes from an item of food on a stick.Covered delightfully in the chocolate.Not just a savoury pleasure.The chocolate fondue revolution is upon us.

Why hire a chocolate fondue fountain at your event.

Fresh fruit, marshmallows, sugared donuts and cream filled profiteroles are delicious.

They taste even better with chocolate.Strawberries and marshmallows are a classic combination to dip into chocolate.But why stop there.There are lots of dips that work perfectly in a chocolate fountain.They compliment the sweet, creamy taste of the chocolate.

See our dips and chocolate for further ideas.Instead of a buffet dessert hire a chocolate fountain wedding cake.

Or fully catered display.Chocolate fountain hire is suitable for sophisticated parties, weddings, balls, proms and corporate events.

Why use Chocolate Fountain

Having attended many events with chocolate fondue fountains and Photo Booths.Chocolate fountain hire understands how to create the perfect display to wow your guests for months to come.To book a chocolate fondue fountain contact chocolate fountain hire.

On our mobile phone 07769200713.

Or online through our enquiry form.chocolate fondue fountain