Surrey Chocolate Fountain

Surrey Chocolate Fountain

On Sunday 8th May the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to Surrey to The Cobham Curve to provide a stunning white chocolate fountain for a very special birthday party! Summer and George were turning 10! The twins were celebrating their special birthday in style and Summer had specifically requested a white chocolate fountain!

We arrived before the guests and set up in the bar area. It was a beautiful sunny day and there were lots of attractions setting up! Outside in a marquee a DJ with dance floor and photo booth was busy preparing for the guests. On the veranda the amazing catering company Vanilla Bean were setting up with a delicious BBQ for the children and adults. On the playing fields was an array of inflatables including a football net, an assault course and traditional bouncy castles of different sizes to suit ages!

Face Painters

Also in the bar were some brilliant face paint artists getting prepared for the children’s arrivals! We set up and quickly prepared our display. We illuminated the surround in a purple light, the party colours were blue and pink so it matched wonderfully! As part of our chocolate fountain package we offer an unlimited number of dipping items so you are free to choose as many or as few as you would like! Today they just couldn’t pick between them so we brought them all!!

Great Dips


With fresh strawberries, plump marshmallows and delicious sugared donuts the children (and adults) were thrilled! All served drenched in delicious Belgian white chocolate! The guests were even treated to a visit by their very own ice cream van! Serving Mr Whippy’s, ice pops and all different flavours of slushy drinks! A welcome relief on such a lovely hot day!

Luxury Birthday Cake

Soon the time came for the birthday cakes, each in the shape of their favourite football player’s shirt! One chocolate and one vanilla! The guests sang happy birthday to the lucky pair and were treated to a slice of their preferred cake!

Before long it was time to head off and leave the guests to enjoy the sunshine!


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Chocolate Fountain at a Village Wedding

Chocolate Fountain at a Village Wedding.

On a beautiful Saturday in July the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to the picturesque village of Rattlesden and the lovely venue of Rattlesden Pavilion. The bride had booked our large 5 tier milk chocolate fountain as a desert after the delicious hog roast served at her wedding.

We arrived just as the hog roast was opened so we could set up inside the hall without disturbing the guests. Everyone chose to eat outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine and making the most of the delightful landscape, comfy hay bales and the lovely outdoor bar!

Once the fountain was up and running, with the delicious Belgian Milk chocolate flowing in perfect curtains we were open for business!  With white china bowls filled to the brim with yummy dips everyone was thrilled! Fresh British Strawberries, tasty sugared mini donuts and naughty chocolate brownies were among the favourites! As part of our party hire packages we include an unlimited variety of dipping options, this means you are welcome to chose between our list of around 20 items! You may have as many or as few as you would like for no additional charges! We also top these items up throughout your hire period ensuring your guests all get a chance to indulge!

We served for 3 hours and the guests, especially the younger ones, ate their fill of tasty treats all drenched with heavenly milk chocolate! Next to our table was a delicious arraignment of the most wonderful cakes! instead of a traditional wedding cake their was a whole table of them! All different flavours and types for the guests to enjoy!


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Popcorn and Candy Floss for Kent Wedding

Popcorn and Candy Floss for Kent Wedding

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes and a recent wedding took the chocolate fountain hire team to the seaside town of Broadstairs. We arrived at the Botany Bay hotel which is situated in a beautiful location overlooking the beach and fantastic views of the beach… on a sunny Sunday afternoon what more could you want. Once inside the hotel we were shown where to set up the Popcorn machine and Candy floss which was on a long table next to the dance floor where the DJ was starting to play some background music.
When we were set up we started to make some fresh popcorn so that we had plenty of supplies made for our start time. The bride had requested that we made sweet popcorn; this is done using a special caramel glaze whilst cooking the popcorn and tastes fantastic! After about ten minutes we had plenty of supplies made and had attracted quite an audience who were fascinated by watching the popcorn pop out of its kettle. The bride was one of the first people to use the candy floss; we even managed to get a picture of her before the quest started! From then on we made candy floss to order either on sticks or bags and the popcorn was in cones. The evening was a very laid back family reception which made for a great atmosphere with little boys skidding over the dance floor as they do while girls were trying to dance around them!
We were kept very busy but eventually our time came to an end and we had to pack up for the journey home. But before we did we make lots of supplies of both candy floss and popcorn to leave in bags for the guests to enjoy after we left. We discretely packed away while the guests danced away the rest of the evening.




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Halloween Sweet 16 in Sussex

Halloween Sweet 16 in Sussex

Halloween brings out everyone’s artistic talents and some scary designs and that was exactly what happened on a recent booking. On a spooky Saturday the chocolate fountain hire team travelled the short distance to Dorking in Sussex to the Wotton House Hotel which is a suitably imposing manor house. This was the setting for Caroline’s sweet although slightly scary 16th birthday party!

The hotel was very impressive, suitably scary and perfect for a Halloween party.
The hall was decorated with mood lighting, full size horror figures and there were even two Victorian zombies greeting the guests with themed cocktails! For those brave enough to take a cocktail they tasted amazing.
We arrived early to set up before the guests arrived and lit our display up in an eerie green to match the room. The guests got into the “spirit” of the evening, there were some amazing Halloween styled outfits. We were asked to supply every dip we could offer as the host was unsure what to choose from out lists to satisfy the guest’s diverse pallet. The most popular during the evening were donuts drenched in our delicious Belgian chocolate “mud” fountain.
We served the chocolate fountain alongside a deliciously frightening buffet complete with a mystic fog! As we finished service a scary DJ started playing some great dance tunes to get the guests dancing for the latter part of the evening’s entertainment. We left Wotton House with some happy and full guests and loaded up our broomstick to head home.


chocolate fountain hire

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Chocolate Fountain Hire for Oxford Graduation



 Chocolate Fountain Hire for Oxford Graduation

At the end of July the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to Yarnton Manor in Oxford to provide a chocolate fountain for a fantastic summer party! The manor is an international study centre for students taking A levels and also in the summer the school welcomes foreign students for residential courses at the summer school and we helped to celebrate their graduation!

We set up the chocolate fountain during the ceremony in a wonderful Charlie and  the Chocolate Factory themed tent and waited! We didn’t have long to wait before the excited students heard rumours of the biggest chocolate fountain they had ever seen! They were herded away by their capable camp leaders and told strictly that they must enjoy their dinner first! Not an easy thing to do when you can see what dessert is!

After dinner

After a delicious BBQ dinner they came quickly to taste the delicious desert! Again the councillors stepped in to organise the best way to feed such hungry youths! They decided upon table by table and so they came up excitedly to enjoy the heavenly Belgian chocolate drenched over fresh strawberries, chocolate brownies and sweet vanilla fudge! Students can never get enough of our chocolate fountains we think it helps the study process, eventually it was time to leave and  by the time we left and everyone had their fill from the fountain.






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Popcorn and candy floss for summer fete in Tunbridge Wells

Popcorn and candy floss for summer fete in Tunbridge Wells

Recently  the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to the local village hall in Tunbridge Wells to provide our popcorn and candyfloss machines for the local village fete. We set up in the sunshine outside with stalls filling up full of local produce.

Popcorn Cart hire provides you the opportunity to hire your very own Popcorn machine for your Function or Event. Recreate the smell and taste of the fairground with our amazing retro carts.

Our carts come complete with everything you will need, uniformed member of staff, choice of salted or sweet popcorn, tubs and cones. The popcorn will be freshly made on site for you and your guests at your event and served in old fashioned cones.

Our Candy Floss carts come complete with everything you’ll need, uniformed member of staff, choices of coloured candy floss, sticks, bags or tubs.

The Candy Floss will be freshly made for you and your guests at your event.The ultimate addition to really make your event stand out from the crowd! Click here for more information about Candy Floss Hire.

As the guests arrived we were rushed off our feet with children and adults alike wanting to enjoy our delicious treats! With pink candyfloss served either on a stick ready to eat or in a bag to save for later and sweet or salted popcorn served in traditional cones the smell was as enticing as the wonderful bright colours of our carts!

We served our delicious treats for 3 hours and were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended.


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Waffles for wedding treat

Waffles for wedding treat.

At the end of July the chocolate fountain hire team travelled the short distance to Maidstone to provide not our normal 5 tier stunning chocolate fountain display but our beautiful new waffle stand! We were attending a beautiful summer time wedding and the weather was perfect for it!

We set up our display in a separate room while the wedding guests were enjoying their meal. We make 6 waffles at a time but we make them fresh so after a quick test we waited patiently for the guests to come and find their desert! Before too long the scent of freshly baking waffles was drifting down the hallways enticing people with the yummy smells!

As the guests came through we started making the waffles and the delicious scent on waffles filled the room, we provide a variety of toppings including squirty cream, melted Belgian chocolate and a variety of sprinkles! We allow the guests to choose their own toppings and create their own individual waffle creation! This always goes down a storm especially with the younger guests who love designing their own personalised waffles!


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Chocolate Treat at RAF Benson

Chocolate Treat at RAF Benson

On a dreary Friday in June the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to RAF Benson in Oxford to provide our stunning 5 tier milk chocolate fountain at the Sgts and WOs Mess function. We arrived with plenty of time to set up before the guests started to arrive. With a beach themed event the whole building was decorated with blues, greens and shells! We light our surround accordingly! The guests were greeted on their arrival with champagne and cocktails and the smell of deliciously melted Belgian Milk chocolate running through our Chocolate Fountain!

The main food served to the guests was a delicious hog roast and BBQ but many guests just couldn’t resist having a quick taste! The favourites were our fresh strawberries, cream filled profiteroles and vanilla fudge! All drenched in heavenly milk chocolate!

In the outside areas there were fairground stalls, dodgems and a surf simulator! Also provided was a tent serving yummy fish and chips and a make your own ice cream stand! With a Mr Whippy style machine and all the toppings you can imagine! To keep everyone on their toes two different bands kept them rocking til the early hours!


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White Chocolate Fountain for Windsor Wedding

White Chocolate Fountain for Windsor Wedding.

On a bright sunny Saturday the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to the beautiful town of Windsor. We set up out stunning 5 tier white chocolate fountain while the guests enjoyed a short break after a delicious 3 course dinner. As the guests returned to the room the scent of delicious melted chocolate had filled the room. Our most popular choice for the chocolate fountain is Belgian Milk chocolate, however the bridge had requested her absolute favourite white chocolate and we were happy to oblige!

Served alongside the fountain were a delicious mix of fresh fruit, cream filled profiteroles and yummy chocolate brownies. After the first dance the bride and groom took part in a “first dip” of the fountain, carefully feeding each other a fresh strawberry drenched in delicious white chocolate!

A moment eagerly watched by all the guests as this signalled the opening of the fountain and they could dig in! And they definitely did! Plate fulls of fresh donuts, gingerbread men and bowls of marshmallows were consumed with glee!

As the party got going we discreetly packed away the fountain and left leaving the bride, groom and guests dancing the night away!



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18th Birthday Party for Sophie in Crawley

18th Birthday Party for Sophie in Crawley

It was a lovely evening when we travelled to The Hoppers in Crawley for the birthday party of Sophie. It was her 18th birthday, and what better an occasion for a big party with friends, family and Party Booth Hire and Chocolate Fountain Hire! We arrived at the pub and set up in the function room which was huge!

We set the photo booth up and the chocolate fountain next to it. The photos were set up with a bespoke border and text, the brief we had from Sophie’s Dad was the she was a dancer and she hated pink! The chocolate fountain was very popular, the delicious dipping items were coated in the glossy milk chocolate. As the evening moved on, the photo booth got very busy with Sophie having lots of pictures with her friends.





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