Chocolate Fountain Hire for Oxford Graduation



 Chocolate Fountain Hire for Oxford Graduation

At the end of July the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to Yarnton Manor in Oxford to provide a chocolate fountain for a fantastic summer party! The manor is an international study centre for students taking A levels and also in the summer the school welcomes foreign students for residential courses at the summer school and we helped to celebrate their graduation!

We set up the chocolate fountain during the ceremony in a wonderful Charlie and  the Chocolate Factory themed tent and waited! We didn’t have long to wait before the excited students heard rumours of the biggest chocolate fountain they had ever seen! They were herded away by their capable camp leaders and told strictly that they must enjoy their dinner first! Not an easy thing to do when you can see what dessert is!

After dinner

After a delicious BBQ dinner they came quickly to taste the delicious desert! Again the councillors stepped in to organise the best way to feed such hungry youths! They decided upon table by table and so they came up excitedly to enjoy the heavenly Belgian chocolate drenched over fresh strawberries, chocolate brownies and sweet vanilla fudge! Students can never get enough of our chocolate fountains we think it helps the study process, eventually it was time to leave and  by the time we left and everyone had their fill from the fountain.






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