Waffles for wedding treat

Waffles for wedding treat.

At the end of July the chocolate fountain hire team travelled the short distance to Maidstone to provide not our normal 5 tier stunning chocolate fountain display but our beautiful new waffle stand! We were attending a beautiful summer time wedding and the weather was perfect for it!

We set up our display in a separate room while the wedding guests were enjoying their meal. We make 6 waffles at a time but we make them fresh so after a quick test we waited patiently for the guests to come and find their desert! Before too long the scent of freshly baking waffles was drifting down the hallways enticing people with the yummy smells!

As the guests came through we started making the waffles and the delicious scent on waffles filled the room, we provide a variety of toppings including squirty cream, melted Belgian chocolate and a variety of sprinkles! We allow the guests to choose their own toppings and create their own individual waffle creation! This always goes down a storm especially with the younger guests who love designing their own personalised waffles!


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