White Chocolate Fountain for Windsor Wedding

White Chocolate Fountain for Windsor Wedding.

On a bright sunny Saturday the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to the beautiful town of Windsor. We set up out stunning 5 tier white chocolate fountain while the guests enjoyed a short break after a delicious 3 course dinner. As the guests returned to the room the scent of delicious melted chocolate had filled the room. Our most popular choice for the chocolate fountain is Belgian Milk chocolate, however the bridge had requested her absolute favourite white chocolate and we were happy to oblige!

Served alongside the fountain were a delicious mix of fresh fruit, cream filled profiteroles and yummy chocolate brownies. After the first dance the bride and groom took part in a “first dip” of the fountain, carefully feeding each other a fresh strawberry drenched in delicious white chocolate!

A moment eagerly watched by all the guests as this signalled the opening of the fountain and they could dig in! And they definitely did! Plate fulls of fresh donuts, gingerbread men and bowls of marshmallows were consumed with glee!

As the party got going we discreetly packed away the fountain and left leaving the bride, groom and guests dancing the night away!



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