Chocolate likes to be beside the seaside

Chocolate likes to be beside the seaside

One of the benefits of owning a chocolate fountain hire company is getting to visit great places all over the UK and this was a case for a recent booking where we were invited to visit Margate to provide a chocolate fountain for a black tie ball. We arrived at Morgans in the early evening  on a glorious day and set up the fountain between the guests having their evening buffet and having some dancing lessons in one of the upper rooms. We took the opportunity to take in some of the amazing views that  Margate has to offer before starting work.

When the guests came down to use the fountain we were practically overun with guests keen to sample the dips we had to offer.  The fountain was very popular but eventually it was time to get dancing so the guests went upstairs to dance the evening away while we packed away the fountain and headed home.


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