Candy Floss and Pink fountain as sweet dessert

Candy Floss and Pink fountain as sweet dessert

All things pink was the order of the day at a recent booking. We were asked to take our chocolate fountain and candy floss to Chigwell in Essex to help celebrate  a girls third birthday party. We arrived and set up in a marquee before the guests arrived so everything would look elegant for the start of the party celebrations. There was a pink bouncy castle, teacup rides on the front drive, a DJ, balloon modeller, and of course us to keep everyone entertained. Lunch was served first and then guests started  to tuck  into our chocolate fountain and candy floss. We were asked to provide a pink chocolate fountain which is possible by using white chocolate and food colouring to bring out the desired colour – this was certainly a talking point.

Fruit was the most popular dip of the day with guests tucking into our fresh English strawberries and covering them in pink chocolate before eating them. Along side our chocolate fountain was the candy floss machine where we made fresh candy floss on sticks for guests to eat. Making the candy floss captivated an audience on many occasions during the day. The afternoon seemed to pass in a flash and in no time at all we were packing up and heading home after another fun birthday party.


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