Chocolate fountain hire meets Alice in Wonderland

Chocolate fountain hire meets Alice in Wonderland

Recently the chocolate fountain hire team traveled the short distance to Willis Hall in  Bristol  to help the first year students celebrate their spring ball. With an Alice in Wonderland Theme we were asked to provide our stunning 5 tier chocolate fountain with PINK chocolate! We use only the finest white chocolate coloured pink! Through the winding hallways signposted with traditional confusing signs guests were treated to a photo booth, teacups and of course our decadent treats!

The chocolate fountain  placed in a heart themed room and even some of the guests were dressed up, with a queen of hearts, a white rabbit and a few sets of tweedle dum and tweedle dees! They all enjoyed tucking into the variety of dipping items, we offer a vast range of dips and you are free to choose as many options as you would like!   With plump, fluffy pink and white marshmallows and  fresh juicy strawberries being the most popular they looked amazing drenched in delicious pink chocolate!

We left the guests to dance the night away and burn off some of the calories enjoyed!!


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