All aboard in Portsmouth for Warrior Ball

All aboard in Portsmouth for Warrior Ball

On a sunny spring Saturday in April the chocolate fountain hire team travelled to Portsmouth Naval Base to provide our decadent chocolate fountain and retro candy floss machine on the HMS Warrior for a Nautical Themed Charity Ball.

After an interesting  set up on the lower decks of the historic warship we were ready to go! We protected the floors around both areas with special floor coverings and waited patiently for the guests to finish their dinners! As soon as they were allowed through they rushed with anticipation for a taste of the heavenly melted Belgian milk chocolate, drenched richly over our display of over 15 different varieties of dipping items including marshmallows, cream filled profiteroles and of course freshly sliced strawberries!

Across the deck from the fountain the candy floss machine was displayed and to fit in with the nautical theme we alternated red and blue coloured candy floss throughout the night! With a blue raspberry flavour and cherry flavour the guests were thrilled with the display and tastes that sent them reeling back to their childhoods!

With a free bar and many other exciting treats for the guests they enjoyed the use of the ship until midnight when they headed home with full tummies and sore heads!


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