Winter wonderland birthday party

Winter wonderland birthday party

At we like to think that we can get to our bookings no matter what and that was tested yesterday as we fought our way through snowy conditions to get to little girls first birthday in Edgbaston. We added a lot of extra time for travelling just in case and it’s a good job we did! Upon arrival at the birthday girls house we too all of the chocolate fountain into the house though snowdrifts. Luckily the dining room was lovely and warm so we set up the fountain in no time at all.

The birthday girls’ mother had requested that we supply as many pink dips as possible, so among the dips were pink shrimps, pink wafer biscuits, pink doughnuts and pink marshmallows. As it was a first birthday party most of the younger guests needed some assistance reaching the chocolate fountain so between the fountain staff and parents we made sure every child had enough chocolate! After all with the disco going on in the next room they needed their energy. As the party drew to a close it was time to pack up and fight our way home through the snow thinking it might be easier with a sleigh and reindeer even in March!



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