A chocolate treat at the launch of the Blackberry Z10

A chocolate treat at the launch of the Blackberry Z10

To launch Blackberry’s new Z10 they decided to treat the employees at the Carphone warehouse to a chocolaty treat!! On a late evening in the fashionable Notting hill a few select staff members were invited to a stylish soirée to learn more about the functions and features of the sleek new phone. Alongside canapés and cocktails they indulged in decadent treats drenched in smooth milk chocolate! After a late night of drinking, dancing and dunking they headed off into the night to get a good night sleep ready for a hard days work.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed the chocolate fountain hire team were up with the birds to prepare the fountain at the Carphone Warehouse Headquarters. By the time the staff were arriving the scent of melted Belgian chocolate was wafting through the building, almost enough to distract them from their morning Starbucks! Alongside the chocolate fountain hire team was a Blackberry team armed with information and goodie bags to share with all! After a long and informative day the staff left with full minds and bellys!


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