The Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre host Monarch Airlines

The Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre host Monarch Airlines

Chocolate Fountain Hire  were asked to provide a chocolate fountain for a corporate event being hosted at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead. It was the final day of a run of corporate days being run by Monarch Airlines to promote the new ski holiday destination routes. The whole of the centre had been taken over by Monarch and a select group of regular ski holiday guests had been invited to ski, eat supper, listen to the live broadcast by Heart FM and watch a torchlight parade.

The guests were being served hot chocolate with marshmallows and hot mulled wine downstairs in the snow whilst ski-ing. When they had finished, they moved upstairs for a delicious supper, including a dish called tartiflette which is a lovely, rich peasant food, containing lots of cream, cheese, potato’s and bacon lardons! For pudding they had chocolate fountains ! The was even a  photographer to capture special moments from the event.  The chocolate fountain was very busy with the guests crowding around eating marshmallows, strawberries and the most popular was profiteroles! One boy was having a competition with himself to see how many profiteroles he could eat, he did very well! It was a great evening, very enjoyable for the guests and for us !!


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