White Chocolate for Farnham Wedding Reception

White Chocolate for Farnham Wedding Reception

On a sunny Sunday in June the chocolate fountain team travelled the short distance to the stunning rural venue of Northbrook Park Wedding Venue in Farnham. We had been invited by the groom who had thoughtfully decided to book a White chocolate fountain as a naughty treat for the female guests. We arrived as the speeches were drawing to a close and discreetly set up behind a screen. When choosing through our extensive list of dipping items the groom asked to for special requests of pretzels and raspberries. These were both brilliant choices and became firm favorites of the guests.

During the reception the guests were enjoying a brilliant live band and as an extra treat they were provided with freshly baked Cornish Pasties! Both meat and vegetarian options went down incredibly well and were a delicious way of combining the groom’s Cornish heritage with the rest of the party, also on the tables and behind the bar were traditional Cornish ciders! As the guests had had their fill of chocolate they turned their attentions back to drinking and dancing, while we departed!


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