Surprises for guests at Andover Wedding

Surprises for guests at Andover Wedding

At chocolate fountain hire we  love nothing more than  providing fruit palm trees as a healthy addition to chocolate fountain hire, and at a recent wedding this is exactly what we did. We arrived at HQLF in Andover  and set up out large chocolate fountain as well as a large fruit palm tree. We were hidden away in a  special room as a surprise for the wedding guests, also the guests were treated  to a vodka  luge and scalectrix racing. The  fruit palm tree is a real work of art with fruit such a pineapple, melon, clementines kiwi fruit and strawberries spiralling around the trunk to create the wow factor for guests.

As soon as the bride and groom had “tested” the chocolate fountain the rest of the wedding  guests  started to get stuck in! A few  guest needed prompting to use the fruit palm tree as it does look like its there for show however  the fruit was  soon stripped – we love healthy guests!!! We provided a selection of dips including cream profiteroles, strawberries, marshmallow, jelly babies and  many more! With so many dips some guests didn’t know where to begin. With the end of the evening we packed up the chocolate fountain and  left Andover and headed home  leaving  behind lots of guests satisfied with their fill of chocolate and  of course fruit.


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