Keele University Pharmacy Students Rock!

Keele University Pharmacy Students Rock

The Chocolate Fountain Hire attended the Keele University School of Pharmacy Ball for the second year running! This year we were bringing extra goodies in the form of Candy Floss and Popcorn, as well as Chocolate Fountain and Pick and Mix Stand!  With  60 kgs of assorted pick and mix favourites for guests to help themselves to, the  pick and mix hire is always popular. We were asked to bring extra supplies of Giant Strawberries, as this is the organizers favourite! We loaded her up a bag of these before the Ball started so she definitely got some!  With the chocolate fountain set up, the pick and mix stand fully stocked, bags of candy floss made and the popcorn machine full up, it was time to announce that they were open for use.

All of the stands were very well used, with the candy floss being very popular! The pink, fluffy sugar treat was a real favourite with lots of the guests re-discovering the delicious taste!  In the few moments that the student could tear themselves away from the sweet foom there was also a photographer in attendance offering portrait photographs as a momento of the event.The evening was a great success as always and the Pick and Mix stand was stripped out, with guests loading up their bags with coke bottles, mega lollies and jelly beans, enough to nibble on for the rest of the night!


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