Its Pimms o’clock At Andover Wedding

Its Pimms o’clock At Andover Wedding

Summer may not be here as such but the sun was shining in Andover recently as Rob and Ella  got married and celebrated in style at the Fairground Village hall.  We arrived and set up a drinks fountain and filled it with pimms for the wedding guests to have a  drinks reception when they arrived from the church service. We also provided a bowl of fruit such a strawberries, apple, oranges and of course mint for guests to add to their glass of pimms. As it was such a hot day the beverage fountain was in constant use but at chocolate fountain hire we are quite used to this so we had ample supplies of pimms!

As soon as the guests made their way into the main room for the wedding breakfast, we set up the chocolate fountain and in no time at all warm Belgium chocolate was cascading down the  fountain and and array of dipping items were ready to use. The bride and  groom soon emerged to have their first dip at the fountain before the rest of the guests tucked in. The chocolate fountain was  popular throughout the evening with guests young and not so young alike and we packed up and  left at the end of the evening with everyone having had a good taste of the chocolate fountain.


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