Guest have Chocolate Fountain Dipping down to a Tee

Guest have Chocolate Fountain Dipping down to a Tee

On Saturday the Chocolate Fountain Hire team travelled to Leamington and County Golf Club to join in the celebrations of Tracey and Darren’s wedding. As we arrived the guests were enjoying the coffee portion of their dinner. We discreetly set up the chocolate fountain next to the dance floor and soon the delicious aromatic scent of melted Belgian chocolate was circulating the room. Even though the guests had just enjoyed a scrumptious wedding breakfast they soon found their appetites and started tucking into the delectable milk chocolate fountain with our wide variety of dipping items.

The two youngest guests enjoyed tucking into the strawberries and marshmallows, whereas the older guests favoured profiteroles, brownies and Turkish delight! For some guests this was there first time using the fountains, but they soon got the hang of it and spent a long time perfecting their dipping technique!

As the night drew on and the DJ announced we were due to depart in 10 minutes we had another mad rush for the warm melted chocolate over bananas and jelly babies! After they had had their fill, we packed up the chocolate fountain and left the guests with full tummies and happy smiles!


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