Cogent Elliott- Fun Time Frankie Strikes Again!!

Cogent Elliott- Fun Time Frankie Strikes Again

St Valentine’s Day is always a busy day in the Chocolate Fountain Hire world! And this year was no different some of the Chocolate Fountain Hire team travelled to two destinations in the same day! Fun Time Frankie is an unknown force working within the Cogent Elliot workplace providing the lucky employees with seasonal treats! For Valentine’s Day we snuck in to provide a small chocolate fountain for the company’s Banbury office- Junction Eleven Photographic Studio. The lucky 15 staff members were treated to a miniature luxury Belgian chocolate fountain with gingerbread men, strawberries, marshmallows and fudge! The Chocolate Fountain Hire Team then travelled over to the main office in Meriden near Coventry where employee’s pondered on the identity of Fun Time Frankie and his delicious surprise treats! Their working day was brightened up by the aroma of melted Belgium chocolate drifting down the office hallways! As the curious staff ventured out they were amazed to see a 5 tier Milk Chocolate Fountain majestically displayed with overflowing bowls filled with strawberries, grapes, marshmallows, fudge and the favourite our pyramid of mini donuts! The staff enjoyed this sweet treat over their lunch hours, and many sneaked out of the office for second and third visits! Many enjoyed kebab style skewers laden with fresh fruit and marshmallows drenched in warm milk chocolate and taken back to their desks for less messing eating! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their Valentines Treat but were still left wondering “who is Fun Time Frankie??”


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