Team building in Sunningdale

Team building in Sunningdale

Here at chocolate fountain hire we are lucky to have regular customers, and one of our favourite venues is Sunningdale Park in Ascot. They have a dedicated business centre called The Evelyn Sharpe centre where companies send staff members for week long conferences, training sessions and team building. We are often asked to provide a chocolate fountain for the afternoon tea break, to give the delegates some much needed oomph! We set up in the break out area of the centre, where the tea, coffee and soft drinks are, and quickly put together the chocolate fountain, and arranged the dips. Straight away we had hungry delegates coming over to ooo and ahhh over the range of dips and the delicious chocolate. We fed about 150 people in about 45 minutes with strawberries, pineapple, chocolate brownies and profiteroles, whilst they drank coffee and chatted with their colleagues. It really is a lovely booking, the staff are all friendly and helpful and the delegates are always so happy to see us!


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