Special visitor for childrens party in London

Special visitor for childrens party in London

Chocolate Fountain Hire were asked to provide a Chocolate Fountain in London for a Christmas Party at Investec, who are a specialist bank and asset management company. The chocolate fountain was to be the centrepiece for the party which was for the children of Investec’s employee, and we were expecting a very special guest! The children piled in with their parents and helped themselves to mini beef burgers, pizza, curly fries, onion rings and toffee apples, all prepared by the chef’s in the kitchen. As soon as we had set up, we had children (and their parents) all eager to taste the creamy milk chocolate fountain dips, which included strawberries, fresh pineapple and mango! When the kids were full of chocolate and ice cream, the ‘special guest’ appeared in the lift, complete with his two elves, it was of course Father Christmas! And with his appearance came shower of sparkly confetti from the ceiling. You should have seen Matt and I desperately trying not to let it get into the fountain, we looked very funny flapping our arms about! With the exit of Father Christmas, the parents and children alike got into their coats and left, tired, happy and looking forward to the festivities of the season. As for the Chocolate Fountain Team, we left happy that a job had been well done.


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