Chocolate Fountain Hire for New Year’s Eve at Highley Manor

Chocolate Fountain Hire for New Year’s Eve at Highley Manor

We were excited to be asked to provide a chocolate fountain and fruit palm tree at  a New Year’s Eve party at Highley Manor in Haywards Heath for Sarah. It’s always lovely to be asked to cater at people’s special occasions, and a New Year party is no exception. We were to be the ‘pudding’ after the guests had tucked into ham, beef and poached salmon. We were very popular! Sarah had also asked us to provide a fruit palm tree, which we filled with fresh strawberries, melon, grapes, kiwi, clementines and fresh pineapple. The tree stood a very impressive 7ft on the table, including 3ft of real palm leaves! Guests are sometimes a little reluctant to eat from the fruit trees as they look like works of art, but these guests quickly realised that it was for eating, and the tree was soon looking a little bare! After supper, Chocolate and cheese, the dancing started in earnest, with people milling around,occasionally nibbling a piece of fruit, or a jelly baby from the chocolate fountain dips. On the stroke of midnight, Champagne was drunk and auld Lang sayne was sung, and the chocolate fountain hire team had a little kiss and a hug and crept out of the party, leaving it in full swing. What a great party!


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