Tripple fountain Fun Staff christmas Party

Tripple fountain Fun Staff christmas Party

At Chocolate Fountain Hire we love nothing more than being invited back to provide chocolatle fountains for previous customers.We were very pleased to be asked back to Alfa Laval to provide Chocolate Fountains and a fruit palm tree for their annual Christmas party held in their offices. We were asked to do something different this year, so we provided three small chocolate fountains, a medium fruit palm tree and a candy floss machine! The chocolate fountains were milk, white and a red one! We make the red fountain by adding organic natural food colouring to white chocolate, and it goes as red as we like! We arranged the chocolate fountains in the middle of a table and wrapped festive red organza around them all, and dotted the dips in their white china bowls around them. The fruit palm tree was covered with fresh melon, Satsuma’s, pineapple, strawberries, kiwi fruit and grapes, it looks delicious. The chocolate fountains were very well used with guests enjoying cream filled profiteroles; mini sugared donuts, marshmallows, fudge, jelly babies, pink wafers and lots more! The candy floss was a HUGE success, with guests queuing up for baby pink candy floss on a stick, and it smelt delicious! The whole Christmas party was lots of fun, and the employees of Alfa Laval went back to work in the afternoon full of fresh fruit, red chocolate and candy floss!!


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