Asian Wedding Chocolate Fountain Hire in Manchester

Asian Wedding Chocolate Fountain Hire in Manchester

Middleton on the outskirts of Manchester was the destination for chocolate fountain hire this weekend. We were providing a chocolate fountain and small fruit palm tree for the wedding reception of Nuri and Fari. We arrived at Karims restaurant early in order to make the fruit palm tree and to set up the chocolate fountain to be ready in time for the wedding reception. The room was laid out beautifully with a separate area for the bride and groom which also had a beautifully decorates wedding cake table with several halal wedding cakes as well as a water fountain. The small fruit palm tree was set up first, this is a great addition to  a chocolate fountain with 200 pieces of bite sizes fruit such as melon, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi fruit and clementines. Guests can either just eat the fruit or dip it into the chocolate fountain.

Next to set up was the chocolate fountain which we did in plenty of time before the guests arrived. The chocolate fountain stands 7 foot tall when its situated on  a  table and looks divine with Belgium milk chocolate flowing over its 5 tiers. With the guests starting to arrive it didn’t take long before the chocolate fountain and was in use, with guests choosing from the dipping items that we provided and using the fruit palm tree. The bride and groom soon arrived and had some photographs taken while they had their first dip from the fountain after that even more guests arrived and the fountain became very busy. Our time was gone in a flash and soon it was time to pack up and leave the guests to enjoy the rest of their party, but not before we were treated some amazing food, it was nice to see some familiar faces as this was the second wedding reception that we have provided a chocolate fountain and  fruit palm trees for this family in Manchester this year.


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