Popcorn Machine Hire for Corporate Team Building Event

Popcorn Machine Hire for Corporate Team Building Event

Recently chocolate fountain hire were contracted to provide a popcorn Machine as part of a corporate team building event in Ascot. We arrived and set up the popcorn machine in one of the administration rooms whilst the delegates were finishing listening to a talk in the main room. As the popcorn machine was a surprise we have to be very careful not to be seen or heard which wasn’t the easiest thing to do when wheeling in the popcorn machine and all the supplies however we did manage to get everything put away before the delegates left the main room to head downstairs for their evening meal. As soon as the coast was clear we moved the popcorn cart and supplies into the main room and started production. In no time at all we had made over 20 servings of fresh popcorn. The sweet tasting caramel glaze we use coats the popcorn and makes it taste that much better. After the meal was over the delegates returned to the room to be met by the popcorn and they eagerly took away their bags of popcorn. What else do you need to go along with popcorn? A film – as this was a leadership skills event the organisers had arranged for Shackleton to be shown. With the delegates settled down to watch the film we continued to make popcorn for the occasional top up until it was time to leave.


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