Chocolate Fountain treat for French Film Goers in London

Chocolate Fountain treat for French Film Goers in London

Recently chocolate fountain hire were booked to provide a chocolate fountain at the Institut Français du Royaume-Uni in London. The institute  had a film showing and thought it would be a nice treat for the guests to have a chocolate fountain afterwards. We arrived and set up the chocolate fountain just after the guests started watching the film so by the end of the film the chocolate fountain was flowing beautifully with its luxury Belgian chocolate.

Our hosts had chosen an array of dips including many fruit options for all the healthy guests. Soon after the film finished the chocolate fountain was getting a lot of use with pineapple being one of the most popular dips of the night. Guests mingles  in an around the chocolate fountain as well as dancing in one of the other rooms and as the night drew to a close it was time to pack up the chocolate fountain and say goodbye to London for now at least!


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