Chocolate fountain hire for surprise birthday party in Bristol

Chocolate fountain hire for surprise birthday party in Bristol

The chocolate fountain team headed for Bristol for a surprise 40th Birthday Party for Lizzie’s husband!  We also took the Pick and Mix stand with 60kgs of sweeties, and a Fruit Palm Tree! Lucky Jamie!  We set up the Pick and Mix stand in the corner of the marquee that was in the grounds of the The Swan Inn in Swineford. The sweets we provided were large fried eggs, jelly racing cars, lollipops, liquorice all-sorts, jelly babies, fish and chips, marshmallows, fizzy belts and even flying saucers to name a few!  We were besieged by children filling up their candy stripped bags before it was even set up properly! The fruit palm tree was a 2ft tree, that stood 5ft tall with the real palm tree on the top. It contained approx 150 pieces of fresh fruit, melon, pineapple, clementines, kiwi, strawberries, just right for a party. The fruit was taken from the tree and dipped into the creamy milk chocolate that was flowing beautifully and tasted delicious. Guests were treated to some great live music and a DJthorough the evening It was a great party and it ended with a stirring rendition of  ‘It’s such a perfect day’ from the whole party!


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