Wolverhampton Wedding Chocolate Fountain Fruit Palm and Candy Palm Tree

Wolverhampton Wedding Chocolate Fountain Fruit Palm and Candy Palm Tree

Saturday was an extremely busy time for chocolate fountain hire with weddings all over the country, the first of such weddings took place in Wolverhampton. Our venue was the royal banqueting suite in Wolverhampton, and upon arriving we set up the chocolate fountain at the back of the room before the wedding ceremony began. However book alongside the chocolate fountain were two fruit palm trees and also a candy palm tree (just right for all the sweet lovers)! As soon as the ceremony finished the chocolate fountain and the palm trees were ready for all the guests to start using them, and they needed no hesitation with dips such as strawberries, mini doughnuts, chocolate brownies and cream filled profiteroles guests had a hard time choosing between them!

The fruit trees were very popular and holding 500 pieces of fresh fruit including melon, kiwi fruit, strawberries and pineapple its regularly used as a health option at events! The candy tree was stocked with everyone’s favourite items such as ice creams hearts and even merekats!¬† The queue extended around the room to use the chocolate fountain and fruit trees all the time we were there¬†– it seems chocolate fountains are as popular in Wolverhampton as ever!


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