Chocolate Fountain Hire in Canterbury

Chocolate Fountain Hire in Canterbury

Recently the team from Chocolate Fountain Hire made the trip to Kent to provide a chocolate fountain for a private school laving party which took place in a private house near Canterbury. Upon arrival we were greeted by several boys armed with walkie talkies who were organising every detail of the party from the chocolate fountain to the BBQ food logistics. The chocolate fountain was set up in the conservatory as it was just a little too windy outside for the chocolate to flow properly.

In no time at all the Chocolate Fountain was ready for use and there was no shortage of willing testers, with dips like strawberries, marshmallows, cream filled profiteroles and pineapple we were soon surrounded. It was a lovely day and the children enjoyed a mixture of fun activities such as playing in the swimming pool, on the bouncy castle and football and of course making regular trips back to the chocolate fountain for a top up! In the afternoon the BBQ was soon producing and array of fine foods and of course what do you need after a BBQ- more chocolate fountain! Adam who was hosting the leaving party had organised the whole day and even paid for the chocolate fountain and bouncy castle himself and we think he did a great job on the day for all his friends.


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