Chocolate Fountain Hire for Worcester Prom

Chocolate Fountain Hire for Worcester Prom

Recently chocolate fountain hire took a trip  to Worcester  for The Chase School Year 11 Leavers Ball. When we arrived the cars were lining up in the road to discharge the prom goers in their beautiful dresses and dinner jackets. I quickly got set up in the corner of the room and started setting out the fresh dips of strawberries, fresh pineapple, donuts and loads more!  The chocolate flowed beautifully and the smell was divine! we quickly got students eating chocolate covered jelly babies and meringues while they waited for their friends to come in. After their delicious dinner we had another flurry of people eating from the chocolate fountain for their dessert, and then the dancing started in earnest. I slipped out quietly at 11pm leaving Worcester and the dancing in full flow! Another successful Prom by Chocolate Fountain Hire!


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