Chocolate fountain hire in London for Birthday Party

Chocolate fountain hire in London for Birthday Party

Seldom does a week go by without an event for chocolate fountain hire in London and this week was no exception. One recent booking took the team from chocolate fountain hire to London to be part of  Reem’s birthday party celebrations which took place in the Queens Hotel in Crystal Palace. Reem & her many friends were treated to salsa dancing by and also had dancing competitions. The chocolate fountain was set up in a corner of the room and was very eagerly anticipated by all the guests who were very keen to make use of the array of dipping items covered in luxury Belgium chocolate. Marshmallows and cream profiteroles seemed to be the favourite items to be dipped into the chocolate fountain. The birthday girl was also treated to a channel handbag birthday cake complete with accessories however this did not deter any of the guests from using the chocolate fountain!


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