Chocolate fountain hire for conference at Alton Towers

Chocolate Fountain Hire for Conference at Alton Towers

Recently chocolate fountain took a trip to Alton Towers, not test ourselves on such as the log flume, corkscrew or even  the new thrill seeking rides but to provide a chocolate fountain for a  conference held within the grounds of Alton Towers. We set up quickly and illuminated our surround in a bright green colour.

Chocolate fountains are regularly used at such events where delegates attend a series of meetings and during the break periods visit the chocolate fountain to stock up on nourishing items such as fresh British strawberries, fluffy pink and white marshmallows and other luxury dipping items. When placed on a bamboo skewer and covered in Belgium milk chocolate it’s easy to see the attraction. With delegates in and out of meeting and briefings during the day there was a steady use of the chocolate fountain with lots of chocolate to go round!


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