Wedding Anniversary Red chocolate fountain hire

Wedding Anniversary Red chocolate fountain hire

This weekend was bob and Lesley’s 1st wedding anniversary, so chocolate fountain hire were called upon to provide a chocolate fountain to help celebrate the occasion. The event took place in the holiday inn in slough, which a DJ providing some great music and  the hotel providing a buffet what more could you want for an evening with family and  friends. We noticed Lesley likes red! Dressed head to head in the colour and chocolate fountain hire were asked to colour co-ordinate with her so our chocolate fountain was flowing with red chocolate. At this event there were some guests who were using a chocolate fountain for the first time and  for those who have already experienced the chocolate fountain non had seen a red one before, so this was a major talking point for the evening. With lots of guests dipping into the chocolate before and after the buffet by the end of the night there were lots of tell-tale signs of who had been messy with the fountain – red drips on white shirts! good job it washes out!


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