Birthday Party Chocolate fountain Hire in Bexleyheath

Birthday Party Chocolate fountain Hire in Bexleyheath

Deserts come in all shapes and sizes; however none could possibly beat a chocolate fountain for popularity, as chocolate fountain hire found out this weekend. Once of mort recent booking took us to Bexleyheath in south London to Anne’s birthday party celebrations which took place in the Marriott hotel. With a superbly decorated room featuring a DJ and fun casino for entertaining the guests the chocolate fountain provided a superb backdrop for the guests both before and after the buffet provided by the hotel.

As the party guest arrived there was no hesitation in making use of the chocolate fountain dipping delicious items into the  flowing Belgium Milk Chocolate. The team from chocolate fountain hire were treated to some great dancing displays including YMCA and Cha Cha slide, with raffles and a  prize for the biggest winner on the fun casino this was a real fun chocolate fountain hire in a lovely venue.


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