Drinks fountain for Exhibition and Conference

Drinks fountain for Exhibition and Conference

Recently chocolate fountain hire were contracted to provide a chocolate fountain and  drinks fountain as an attraction to a trade stand at the International Conference Centre in Birmingham. The  hall was filled with lots of interesting stands but none had the attraction of the stand we were set up on. During the day our large chocolate fountain was well used by the delegates, who stopped to chat  to the stand staff whilst dipping items  such as fudge, strawberries and marshmallows into the luxury Belgium fountain. The feedback we received was amazing, from both the visitors and from the stand staff . After the day confrence was  over it was time to change over to the evening event.

This consisted of removing the chocolate fountain and setting up our Beverage fountain, these are also called champagne fountains. Instead of champagne the chosen drink was Baileys which flowed beautifully through the fountain, with the aid of the mini chocolate cups called Snobinettes delegates visiting the exhibition stand collected the Baileys in the chocolate cups and proceeded to drink the shot of Baileys and then eat the chocolate cups which are made from luxury Belgium chocolate. The Drinks  fountain  provided to be as sucessfull as the chocolate fountain for the evening event. Another successful exhibition from chocolate fountain hire!


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