Chocolate Fountain for Birthday Celebrations in Camberley, Surrey

Chocolate Fountain for Birthday Celebrations in Camberley, Surrey

Many of us have heard of Camberley in surrey for may reasons, however  its most famous season is its proximity the the World famous Royal Military Academy where officer cadets from the British Army and some foreign Armies undergo training in Leadership. Chocolate Fountain Hire had a very good  reason to visit Camberley yesterday as is Was Darren’s 40th Birthday Party. And what more could you as for than a luxurious Chocolate Fountain, well in fact a DJ and Band too!  The venue for Darren’s Part was Pine  Ridge Golf Club, which is a very nice  public golf club with picturesque views.

Our  Luxury Belgium Chocolate fountain was set up in no time and  guests quickly took advantage of  our fine array of dipping items during the  course  of the  party. With a live  band playing hits like Sweet Child of Mine, Sex is on Fire and Mr Brightside, and with sets  provided by resident DJ Stefan from party people the party soon got into full swing. The staff at  Pine Ridge provided a  buffet part way through the night, and what would you want  after a buffet – of course a chocolate fountain! Midnight seemed to arrive in no time at all and  it was time for the Chocolate fountain hire team to pack up and  head  home, leaving the guests dancing the night away!


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