Birthday Party Chocolate Fountain Hire in Eastleigh

Birthday Party Chocolate Fountain Hire in Eastleigh

A Chocolate Fountain Hire, drink, good company and a live band are often touted as an  idea combination for a  party. Our last event  of the weekend  had all three in abundance, Chocolate Hountain Hire were bookend to provide the  ideal  supplement for Sarah’s birthday celebrations which was held in the Good Companions Pub inEastleigh. Setting up in the  middle of a crowded pub was  no easy task, however not too long after arriving the Belgium Milk Chocolate was soon flowing through the Fountain  much to the delight of all the onlookers.

A short time later our first volunteer of the night dipped a sugared mini doughnut into the chocolate  fountain which prompted what felt like the whole pub to join in! The arrival of the band a short time later completed the evenings events playing two fantastic sets over the course  of the evening. This was a really nice  booking in such a friendly venue.


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