Chocolate Fountain Hire to celebrate Tesco Northampton 25th Anniversary

Chocolate Fountain Hire to celebrate Tesco Northampton 25th Anniversary

There are many reasons for having a Chocolate Fountain, but having a Tesco store open for 25 years, with 5 original staff, is a very good reason. The Chocolate Fountain Rental team rose early on Friday (well 7am is early for 1 member!) and went to the Clannel Road Tesco in Northampton which had been open for exactly 25 years on Friday 11th February 2011. The party was being held in the staff room, and after being issued posh visitor badges we humped our equipment upstairs in the lift with the help of some shop floor cages which I drove very badly into walls etc!. The room was decorated with a silver theme and long tables were set up groaning with food which the canteen staff had prepared.

There was a huge cheese board and a lovely desert table with little cakes arranged in the shape of ’25’  The chocolate fountain was the ‘piese de resiatance’ and was flowing beautifully and smelling lush! There was a stilt walker and a balloon making man called Mr Crumpet entertaining the staff also. After the presentation of the 5 staff with 25 years service with bottles of Moet and flowers and vouchers, the staff got really stuck in to the fountain, and the strawberries and pineapple got the most attention, what a healthy lot!! When everyone had drifted back to work we got stuck in to the remaining buffet food and had a plate of curry and rice!!  The staff were so nice and helpful and we had a lovely time being involved in their celebrations, sometimes I love my job so much it doesn’t feel like work at all!!!


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