Chocolate Fountain Hire in Poole

Chocolate Fountain Hire in Poole

On Thursday we packed up our chocolate fountain and lots and lots of dipping items including halal marshmallows for an Asian wedding being held in the Lighthouse in Poole. This venue is better known for the performances it puts on, more than being wedding reception venue!!  However, one of the theatres had been dressed beautifully for the occasion with the bride and groom sitting on traditional sofas on the stage and the round tables set for 500 guests!!

Asian people love their chocolate and this occasion was no exception. The kids were regular visitors to the Chocolate Fountain despite the food being served tasting delicious ( we¬†were fed really well) We went through a ton of strawberries which are just starting to taste really sweet again……I may have indulged in a couple myself, just for quality control you know! Maz the groom was very pleased with the service we gave, and its always nice to get to a party in the middle of the week!!


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