Chocolate Fountain Hire for One World Week at Warwick SU

Chocolate Fountain Hire for One World Week at Warwick SU

Another Saturday night, another part of the country for the Chocolate Fountain Hire team. This week took us to and our Chocolate Fondue Fountain to Warwick University and the One World Week. We were part of the World Party which is the grand finale of the spectacular event that is One World Week.  For us it meant a night surrounded by hungry students!!  We got to Warwick in plenty of time to see how vast the Warwick university campus is, it is HUGE!!

It is like a town, with everything from pubs to shops and banks and restaurants! We set up the Chocolate Fountain  in the atrium on the Student Union and loaded the plates with food and filled the chocolate fountain to the brim, we know how hungry students can be and we weren’t disappointed! From the moment we started at 10pm we were overwhelmed with students all wanting to eat our dips covered in luscious chocolate. They were three deep at the fountain and we were kept busy filling up the plates and bowls with strawberries, marshmallows, donuts, profiteroles and lots more tasty goodies.

It was an enormous success and although the music may not of been to our taste (Matt is now old!!) the young folks loved it nearly as much as our Chocolate Fountain. All in all another successful Chocolate Fountain Hire booking at the Warwick University Student Union One World Week World Party! Try saying that after a couple of sherbets!!


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