Wedding Reception in Leicestershire

Wedding Reception in Leicestershire

For one of the last bookings of 2010 chocolate fountain hire were  asked to provide a large milk chocolate fountain accompanies by a small white chocolate fountain for all those wedding guests with a very sweet tooth.  The wedding venue was Stanton Lakes in Leicestershire, which is a lovely venue complete with a marquee situated on a large wooden deck overlooking  Stoney Cove which is a popular location for diving and water sports.

After setting up both of our chocolate fondue fountains, the  bride (who confessed to be a chocoholic) and  groom had the first dip on the chocolate fountain. This was a very humorous time from the bride hogging the fountain, to the groom deciding to poke his wife on the cheek with a chocolate covered cream filled profiterole!

During the course of the wedding reception we were  very pleased to see the bride and other guests making very good use of the chocolate fountain and  all of the luxury dipping items provided.


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