Fruit Palm Tree Hire

Fruit Palm Tree Hire

Chocolate fountain’s are  a firm favourite as  desserts and buffets as anyone who has  been to a  wedding, birthday party or function recently will know. But here at Chocolate Fountain Hire, we’re able to offer another kind of sweet-tasting treat for those special occasions in the form of our fruit palm trees.

If you don’t know what a fruit palm tree is, or how to hire one, don’t worry – we’re about to explain.

Standing approximately 7ft tall when set-up on a table, our fruit palms offer guests 500 pieces of exotic fruit. The stem of the fruit tree is made from pineapples, and the fruit is attached to the tree stem using cocktail sticks, making it easy for guests to help themselves.

The fruit palm tree display makes a great addition to a buffet as they provide a fantastic visual spectacle.  Our fresh fruit displays also have that extra special something, because we’re the only company to provide real palm leaves for decoration!

The  palm leaves drape exotically from the very top of the fruit palm tree and hang over your guests, creating a tropical fruity paradise!

Our tropical fruit tree hire is completely safe and easy to set-up for your event. The leaves the palm tree are treated and flame retardant, so stay looking lush and green throughout the entire duration of the your event. Even if you think you’re wilting, our fruit palm tree’s certainly won’t!

Reasons to hire a Fruit Palm Tree:

Healthy addition to any party or gathering

Complements all desserts including chocolate fondue

At least one of your ‘Five A Day’!

Fruit Palm Trees look spectular with swaying palm tree leaves and beach themed display



Fruit palm tree hire is perfect for a wedding fruit centrepiece as part of a buffet, a themed party, (think tropical beach!), or as a fresh fruit display at a corporate event.

Fruit palm tree loves being presented as double dipping display with it’s naughty sister – the Chocolate Fountain. Indulge in fresh strawberries, grapes, pineapple, melon and kiwi coated in deliciously warm Belgian chocolate.

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