Chocolate, Weddings and Top Gear!

Chocolate, Weddings and Top Gear

Another day, another happy couple enjoying chocolate fondue for their wedding Chocolate Fountain Hire, this time in Bracknell. It wasn’t just any old wedding day at Bracknell’s East Hampstead Park Mansion estate, however, as the happy couple received an unlikely group of wedding crashers!

Upon our arrival to the Berkshire mansion, the Chocolate Fountain Hire team had the door held open for us by a very familiar looking person indeed. Imagining the unlikeliness of it being the celebrity in question, we continued setting up our large milk chocolate fountain and small white chocolate fountain display for bride Michelle’s guests. The happy newly-weds and their friends and family were enjoying the luxuriously plush surroundings and selection of chocolate fondue dips we supplied – including profiteroles, belgian waffles and kiwi fruit – when we realised who else was visiting the mansion that day. And it was none other than the BBC’s Top Gear team!

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and our doorman, James May (!) were using conference facilities at Easthampstead Park too. But it wasn’t long before they gate-crashed the wedding celebrations and cause havoc. James May proceeded to climb into a trolley and lie with his glass of red wine on his chest as a six-strong crowd pushed him through the corridors and hallways – Chocolate Fountain Hire imagined this wasn’t the fastest or most efficient way the Top Gear presenter had travelled on four wheels!

Richard and James did stop long enough to pose for a picture with Corinne, who is now back doing bookings after a stint recovering from heart surgery. However we didn’t quite manage to get them over to our chocolate fountain display. Good thing really, as the invited guests at the wedding reception were thoroughly enjoying all our dips and chocolate late into the evening. Who knows what they guys would’ve gotten up to with our fountain!

Chocolate Fountain Hire have attended a vast number of weddings, but this one was definitely one of the most memorable. And not a glimpse of The Stig in sight…

If you want to find out about our chocolate fountain hire packages (whether you’ve got BBC presenters attending or not), get in touch with Chocolate Fountain Hire today!


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