Chocolate Fountain Hire in Hamleys Toy Store!

Chocolate Fountain Hire in Hamleys Toy Store

The Chocolate Fountain Hire team are just big kids at heart. So when we were asked to provide a chocolate fountain in London to celebrate the end of a month-long, tropical themed summer event at Hamleys Toy Store, you’d have thought they’d given us the front door keys – we were so excited!

The prolific London toy shop based on Regent Street is currently celebrating it’s 250th birthday (and if this blogs taught us anything, it’s that noting says Happy Birthday like a chocolate fountain does!). Two hundred and fifty years of providing some of the worlds finest toys? That’s no mean feat. Every major toy brand has been stocked by Hamleys, entertaining generations and generations of youngsters in London and the UK. Chocolate Fountain Hire could have spent all day traipsing the store getting excited, but instead there was work to be done and hundreds of kids (and big kids!) to treat to our chocolate fondue fun.

It wasn’t just our stunning chocolate fountain in the London toy store on the day. We also arrived armed with two of our large fruit palm trees, coated in hundreds of fruit pieces including pineapple, mango, kiwi, melon and strawberries. We don’t slice our fruit into tiny pieces, and strawberries go straight onto our fruit palm trees whole – so naturally the hearty fruit slices made a perfect dipping item for the Hamleys guests. The cascading chocolate fondue caught everybody’s eye on arrival, and the two tropical fruit palm trees based either side provided an exciting spectacle uncommonly found in the store. With our genuine palm leaves, imported especially for our fruit palm displays, there was no way the display could be any more authentically tropical.

Fruit palm tree hire is incredibly popular in London, especially when coupled with chocolate fountain hire. So bringing the entire set-up to the well-loved Hamleys store incited excitement like – well, a kid in a candy store!

If you want to find out more about fruit palm tree hire or Chocolate Fountain Hire London, then get in touch today.

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