Kaleigh’s 16th Birthday – Chocolate Fountain in Essex

Chocolate Fountain Hire get asked to attend a lot of birthday’s. When you see pictures from Kaleigh’s Sweet Sixteen party in Essex, it’s not hard to see why – a chocolate fondue fountain makes the perfect alternative to a birthday cake!

You definitely can’t put candles into one of our chocolate fountains, but we can change the lighting and the colour of our perspex surround to “illuminate” the chocolate fountain. Essex guests attended Kaleigh’s brilliantly princess pink party, with Kaleigh and her chocolate fountain display in pink to match.

Another reason we’re so popular at birthday parties, especially at sweet sixteen’s and eighteenth birthdays, is because a chocolate fondue fountain is a great treat for those not old enough to enjoy a tipple! Where lots of guests will be eighteen and under, and alcohol won’t be open to them, a chocolate fountain is a fantastic treat to not only keep them entertained but to also get them interacting. No awkward wallflower moments for Kaleigh and her pals, as they all tucked straight into our chocolate fountain armed with fudge and cream filled profiteroles.

Chocolate fountain hire in Essex is still very popular, with all kinds of parties and celebrations requiring Chocolate Fountain Hire’s services. We attend many weddings, bar mitzvahs and anniversaries and the reactions are always fantastic, but the excitement caused by our chocolate fountains at birthday parties is unbeatable!

If you’re providing food and entertainment for a young person’s party, combine both and find out more about chocolate fondue packages with Chocolate Fountain Hire Essex.

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