Suffolk Chocolate Fountain

What connects a tide mill in Woodbridge to one of our delicious chocolate fountains? Well, the Suffolk-based town is home to one of only two working tide mills in the UK, which was passed in 1536 to King Henry VIII. In 1564 his daughter Queen Elizabeth I passed the mill on to one of her court officials Thomas Seckford, who in 1577 founded the Woodbridge School where – here comes the strenuous link – we recently visted to provide chocolate fountain hire!

Suffolk’s rich regal history and stunning period architecture is certainly to be admired, unlike our linking capabilities (well you try linking chocolate fondue to Suffolk resident Charlie from Busted). Thankfully, what we do provide is a suitably fantastic chocolate fountain hire service, as guests at the Woodbridge School Ball found out. Over 300 students and teachers enjoyed not one, but two chocolate fondues – one milk chocolate fountain and one dark chocolate fountain – with a  huge array of dipping items. It’s not requested often, but Turkish Delight proved highly popular on this occasion.

Set in the school’s vast sports dome, the event was teeming with excitement, music and entertainment. Chocolate Fountain Hire attend many proms and school balls at this time of year, and we always reminisce back to the days of our proms in the process. We know that had we had chocolate fountain’s at our school balls, we’d probably still be able to remember them now…

Make your school ball a completely memorable experience with our chocolate fountains.



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